Cheryl Gavin Breining,LMSW, M.Ed, MS, PCC, CPCC                                                  

Certified Life, Parenting, and Conversational Intelligence Coach                          631-833-5303 

ADHD, Transition, Career Coach and  Educational ADHD Consultant                    



I often think that parenting is much more difficult than we were led to believe.  Partially because the world is changing at such a remarkable speed but also because each of us was brought up in a way that may not work with our own children.  For many years, parents would rely on how they were parented and they were able to be successful.  The Parenting Coaching Program will provide you with a calm confidential space to identify your beliefs, values and goals.  Together we will examine how they are affecting your parenting style.  

If you deal with any of the following issues on a daily basis Parenting Coaching may be for you:

  • feelings of loss of control
  • daily homework issues
  • morning issues
  • disrespect
  • communication issues
  • lack of effort 
  • poor self-esteem or self-image

Together we will establish strategies that will empower you to assist each family member to feel that they are a valued and respected member of your family who is capable of achieving their potential.                       

If you think that coaching may be for you

call for a complementary session.

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