Leadership Coaching

  • increase self -esteem
  • improve communication skills
  • improve listening skills
  • identify the type of leader you are and develop strategies accordingly
  • identify strengths, talents, beliefs, and goals
  • develop action steps to achieve your goals 

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Life Coaching

The Life Coaching Corner provides a supportive, nonjudgmental environment

that enables the client to reach your full potential.

Our program enables clients to examine their life fram a different perspective or parading.  Each client is encouraged to take responsibility for their life, decide what they want, believe in themselves and develop a positive mind set.  

Each client is  encouraged to develop their motivation and action steps to achieve their goals in their unique way.

Our coaching program consists of a 3 step process:

1. Each client identify their life purpose, identify areas of their lives that they would like to work on.  During this phase they will identify their strengths and talents, and what has worked for them in the past.  They will learn to take responsibility for their life. 

​2. They will develop a sense of empowerment which enables them to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and other obstacles that have deterred them in the past.

3. They will develop strategies that will enable and empower them to attain the professional and personal growth necessary to achieve their goals.  During this phase they will develop strategies that will enable them to move closer to their goals.

Parent Coaching

  • identify you parenting style
  • learn how your parenting style affects your child
  • identify strengths, values and goals
  • identify limiting beliefs 
  • improve communication skills for yourself and your children
  • establish guidelines for discipline
  • ​establish structure, respect, responsibility, and peace in your home

Our services:

Mentor Coaching

  • ​improve your coaching skills
  • acquire additional coaching skills
  • achieve a higher level of coaching competency
  • increase coach's capability in coaching and align with the ICF Core Competencies
  • identify your talents and strengths
  • improve focus
  • improve confidence

ADHD Coaching

  • includes all items listed for the Life Coaching Program
  • understand how ADHD affects you and recognize and accept the positive attributes of ADHD
  • identify strengths and where you have achieved success in the past
  • ​develop strategies to improve executive function, motivation, procrastination, time management, etc.
  • ​don't let ADHD stand in your way

Academic Coaching

  • improve organizational skills, time management
  • develop strategies to decrease procrastination
  • improve study skills
  • identify learning styles and develop studying techniques that reflect them
  • improve communication skills (directed toward teachers and professors)
  • learn to ask questions and speak with authority figures