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ADHD, Transition, Career Coach and  Educational ADHD Consultant                    


Teacher coaching

  I believe that teaching is the most amazing profession.  Most of us spend an incredible amount of time, energy, and our own money on our students; which most people in other professions and careers find difficult to understand.  I think we do it because we understand how important our job is and how much what we say and do, effects our students.  

I consider myself fortunate to have been a guidance counselor for 23 years, a teacher for 12, and now a Life Coach.  

I think Coaching works so well with teachers because first, most teachers embrace the concept of life long learning, second they understand that it is all about the journey not the destination, and third they welcome the opportunity to enable themselves to view their life from a different perspective.

Coaching will increase your self awareness, help you recognize your strengths, help you identify which beliefs are working for you and which are not and rejuvenate your motivation to achieve your dreams.

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